Quality PBN Links

PBN links are seen as the holy grail of link building as they provide the fastest, quality ranking gains for your website.PBN stands for private blog networks, and these are a collection of expired domains that have been purchased because of their age and links. Purchasing this type of website means that you can choose exactly what posted on the site and when it’s posted; this is very handy when you’re targeting your link building. To

Serp Slayer has put so much effort and time into research so they can ensure their network delivers the results you need. Right now, they’re the leading SEO reseller out there. They can link out from their niche-specific PBN’s direct to your money sites. This is a great way to get you started in just a small period of time without you having to worry about researching domains, creating content, hosting or sourcing, as they’ve already done it for you. Their PBN links will provide you with a link back to yours or your client’s money sites from their authority PBN domains. The links will be guaranteed for six months, this is beneficial to you because it means if one of their network sites is deindexed or falls below the metrics you will be provided with a new PBN for free. Once the six months is up you can have the link removed from their network or you can get it renewed for another six months at 50% of the previous price. You can purchase one link, five or ten, for one it costs $50 and for ten it costs $375; which means you save money. They have specific metrics for their network sites. These metrics are that the domain authority and trust flow must be 15+, whereas the referring domains must be 10+, the web archive should be checked and the site should be at least five years old, also on page SEO and article content should be included. The last two metrics are that the spam score must be equal to or less than four and it will be delivered within seven days.

On page SEO is work done on the site to make it more trusted by search engines such as Google, this would include link building and content development as well as a few other things. Referring domains are the domains which you backlinks are coming from, backlinks are links on another site which point to you site. Spam scores are just a record of the number of spam flags that the subdomain triggers.