Tips For Proper Conversion Optimization

Are you not getting enough conversions on your site? Want to make changes that are easy and will create positive change? It is all about the simple details when it comes to your landing page and how things are going.

Let’s take a look at what you can do when it comes to conversion optimization.

You have to think about this as a site owner because your conversion rate will only worsen over time as you stick with the status quo.

Here are the three tips that are going to change how things are going for your site in minutes.

1) Split Test Landing Pages

The one mistake site owners make is assuming the first landing page they built is good enough.

No, it is not.

You have to keep testing. It is important to run multiple landing pages and see how they convert. For day one, run landing page A and then on day two, run landing page B. Which one converts better? Can you extend the data set by experimenting for longer?

You have to be asking these questions as you split test because this data says a lot about your site and the visitors too.

2) Be Specific

You want to be as specific as you can be because that is the only way to see results. You don’t want the person to feel all over the place as they are on your site.

Being specific makes sure you are telling them where the “offer” is. Whether you are selling a service or just looking for them to sign up for a newsletter, you want to drive their attention to this part of the page.

Do not let it get to a point where even you have to guess what the offer is!

3) Remove Clutter To Help Visitor Focus

You will often see landing pages that are a mess. These are not easy to go through because there is so much happening on the landing page.

You want to move away from this as the site owner.

You want to take away navigate menus, random images, and extensive texts.

Be specific about what you are pushing in front of the visitor and they are more likely to bite.

4) Propose Solution Not Features

It doesn’t matter what you are pushing forward in front of visitors; you have to be a provider of solutions. Don’t be a site that just talks about the topic or rambles on for too long.

You want the landing page to state the problem and then list a solution.

It should be simple and to the point.

These are the tips that you will want to take onboard as you hope to optimize your site. Conversion optimization involves a methodical approach where you are running analytics and making sure new data is sought out. You don’t want to be oblivious to what the numbers suggest because they can be telling at times.

Be patient and continue to make changes that turn your landing page into a powerhouse. To learn more visit