Bulk Keyword Rank Checker

Asking whether or not you should get a bulk keyword rank checker is really a non-question. If you are serious about making your SEO campaigns work, you need to have this tool.

If you search for “bulk keyword rank checker” on Google, you will see that there are many brands of the same tool. Which one do you choose? There is only one criterion we have for choosing a particular tool and it is this: Information. The tool should generate information on which websites are ranking for hundreds of keywords. But even more important, it should give information on the link building profile and other factors that are contributing to the rankings of each website at the top of the search results.

So far, the tool that has meet this condition of ours is Keyword Canine 3. It is a website-based tool that lets you dig information on hundreds of keywords at a time, and it gives detailed information on the link building profile and the onsite optimization of the top websites. This is very useful because as you are trying to outrank these websites with your own site, you can concentrate your time and resources only to those aspects that will make you rank.

In other words, you can formulate a better, more cost-effective SEO campaign by knowing exactly what type of links to blast your website and how many. Depending on how well you implement your SEO efforts, you could very well outrank the top result within a month or two months.

For example, if the top website for your target keyword has ten (10) links from a high PR website that offers related content, you can give your website an unfair advantage in the rankings by blasting your website with links from at least eleven (11) high-PR links in a related niche. If that sounds easy enough, it is. The only question is, where do you get those links?

There are many websites out there that offer high PR links for rent or offer links for a one-time fee. You can search for them online. But if you want under-the-radar links, go to SEO learning forums and ask the moderators and the other members where they get their high-PR links from.

Unfortunately for you, rank checker websites do not tell you where to get your links from, however, if you dig deeper with these tools, you will see which websites are linking to your competition. You can use the information to contact these linking websites to link to your site. Offer something in return like a well-researched piece of content that will generate social media shares for the website.
If the linking website is not from a paid link service, you should get a favorable response. Most website owners know they need good content but are sometimes too lazy or too busy to create it.

Earlier, we mentioned Keyword Canine 3 but it’s not the only keyword tool around. There are other tools and you should compare them before subscribing to any of them.